Radio Ready

Radio Ready

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During an emergency when the power is out and when critical and timely information must get out to the general public, the County Office of Emergency Management will utilize satellite equipment to regularly communicate with designated County radio stations that have generators and can continue to broadcast.

The stations below will transmit this information over their airways in English or Spanish.

Which Stations are Part of the Radio Ready System?

Radio Ready

FM Stations:

  •   88.3 KCLU NPR (South Coast)
  •   89.7 KCLU NPR (Santa Maria)
  •   90.9 KCBX (Santa Ynez Valley)
  •   92.1 KCLU NPR (Santa Maria)
  •   94.1 KOSJ (South Coast)
  •   94.5 KSPE SPANISH (Countywide)
  •   95.1 KCBX (Lompoc)
  •   96.7 (Santa Ynez Valley/Solvang)
  •   99.5 KCBX (Santa Maria)
  •   99.9 KTYD (South Coast)
  • 101.7 KLITE/KSBL (South Coast & Santa Ynez)
  • 102.3 KCLU NPR (South Coast)
  • 105.9 KRAZ (Santa Ynez/Solvang)
  • 107.77 KIST SPANISH (Countywide)

AM Stations:

  •   990 KTMA (Santa Maria)
  • 1440 KUHL (Santa Maria)
  • 1490 KOSJ (South Coast)
  • 1290 KZSB (South Coast)
  • 1340 KCLU NPR (South Coast)

Are You Radio Ready?

  • Every household should have a hand-crank or battery-operated radio in their emergency “Ready Kits.” A hand crank radio is preferable, but if you already own a battery-operated radio, don’t forget to include extra batteries in your emergency ready kit.
  • Even if other forms of communication (such as your television or computer) are inoperable, a hand-crank or battery radio is the most dependable and transportable way to get information.
  • These types of radios usually have a flashlight, cell phone charger and solar cell, and you can easily carry it with you as you respond to an emergency.
  • Hand-crank radios are available on-line (browser search keywords “emergency crank radio”) or can usually be found in electronics, outdoors, and hunting and camping stores.

Contact Office of Emergency Management

4408 Cathedral Oaks Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: 805-681-5526
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