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Flood and Erosion Prevention and Response Resources

Thomas Fire Flood and Erosion Prevention and Response Resources

FEMA: High Risk of Flooding After Historic Wildfire Season fact sheetinfographic)

Fires in our watersheds can amplify the need to prepare for winter storms. A burned watershed creates a new dynamic that should heighten everyone’s awareness. While in many cases, flooding occurs from sustained rainfall over days that triggers flood flows, a burned watershed can yield the same result, or worse, with a single rainfall that would otherwise not even cause runoff. This list of resources can help you prepare for and respond to any potential flooding and erosion that could occur this winter.

Debris Flow

It can take many years for vegetation to regrow in burn areas. Rain over an extended period creates elevated risks for flash flooding and debris flows. Awareness and preparedness is key.

Learn how to prepare and what to look for . provides information on signs to look for and ways to prepare if you are at risk

Flooding and Rain

Even in the midst of an historic drought, California is still susceptible to flooding, and even more so now after destructive wildfires left many areas in Northern and Southern California with dramatic burn-scarred hills.

Learn what to do before, during and after a flood from

VIDEO: Do You Know Your Flood Risk? Department of Water Resources explains flood risk and impacts.

Thunderstorms and lightning are dangerous too. Learn about the dangers and how to stay safe .

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Be Radio Ready

Radio Ready

During an emergency when the power is out and when critical and timely information must get out to the general public, the County Office of Emergency Management will utilize satellite equipment to regularly communicate with designated County radio stations that have generators and can continue to broadcast. Visit this link for a list of stations to check if you lose power and cannot access the Internet.

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