Storm Readiness

Be Storm Ready

After a wildfire, communities within and below burn scars are at a heightened risk of flooding and debris flows during winter storms.  Even without wildfires, some areas are historically flood-prone and may experience dangerous conditions during heavy rains.  Residents are encouraged to be aware of potential risks and have emergency plans in place. To locate the flood risk zones in Santa Barbara County, refer to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 100- and 500-year Flood Risk Map.  

10 Steps to Protect Yourself Now

With the immediate approach of winter storms, the threat of flash floods and debris flows is now 10 times greater in your community than before the fire – they can happen with little or no warning.

ReadySBC Alerts

It is critical that people in Santa Barbara County register to receive emergency alerts. Click here to sign up for ReadySBC Alerts. If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you.

Aware and Prepare

FEMA – Interactive Recovery Mapping

This map was developed so that communities and citizens make better informed decisions about rebuilding. Recovery Maps do not replace the current effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Property and business owners should consult with their local building official to fully understand how this new data can be used to support rebuilding efforts. The Recovery Maps do not impact rating for flood Insurance.

Are You Prepared for an Emergency and Potential Evacuation?

Ready-Set-GoRead the Ready! Set! Go! brochure to learn the steps officials will take and how to be prepared. Some storms will be predictable and authorities will be able to provide ample time for the community members to get their home and family READY. However, sometimes a storm can quickly develop and cause a flash flood and debris flow with little or no warning. It is imperative that you understand the seriousness of the situation and are always prepared.

County, State and FEMA

Resources, Documents, and Data

Learn about the County’s rainfall and storm monitoring systems, Hydrology reports, FEMA Floodplain data and more.

The Homeowners Guide to Flood Preparations
Guía para Propietarios de Viviendas sobre la Prevención y Respuesta a las Inundaciones 

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Countywide Coverage

Rainfall, River and Reservoir Monitoring

Near real-time Rainfall, River, and Reservoir Information from more than 50 gauges located throughout the County

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Protect What Matters 


Standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flooding. There is typically a 30-day wait period between when you buy a flood insurance policy and when it goes into effect, but there are some exceptions. Learn how to protect yourself financially.

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National Weather Service Warning System:

The National Weather Service issues weather advisories and watches when the weather forecast indicates there is a potential for hazardous conditions. Watches and advisories are shared online at,and on the National Weather Service social media Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The National Weather Service will issue a Warning if hazardous conditions are imminent or occurring within the burn areas. The National Weather Service sends Warnings over the Wireless Emergency Alerts system that will send a message to all cell phones in the burn areas and will also send out alerts through the Emergency Alert System that broadcasts on radios and televisions.

National Weather Service Interactive Map

North County:

South County:

Contact Office of Emergency Management

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Phone: 805-681-5526
Alisal Fire Recovery Information and Resources
Información y recursos de recuperación para el Incendio Alisal