Step 2: Design


You and your design professional or architect will need to create or rebuild a set of plans for your new home including all design, engineering, and required code upgrades. How different your new proposed home is compared to the original structure will affect the speed of your permitting and review process.

  1. Meet with a design professional or architect.  Property owners and their design professional or architect should consult Planning and Development case managers for rebuilding process information and assistance.

  2.  Retrieve original plans or start from scratch.   Copies of previously approved residential house plans can be found at the Architectural Archives, located at 415 Camino Del Remedio. The Architectural Archives are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm – 6:30pm. Contact the Architectural Archives at (805) 967-3639.

  3. If applicable, verify condition of the property’s septic system.   If your project contains a septic system(s), please review the Public Health Department, Environmental Health Services’ handout .

  4. If applicable, coordinate any necessary reviews with your homeowner’s association (HOA).

Contact Office of Emergency Management

4408 Cathedral Oaks Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: 805-681-5526