Step-by-Step Rebuild Process

The Rebuild Process Overview

Montecito Rebuilts

1.  Debris Removal 

Property owners are responsible for managing or removing any debris on their properties. To assist property owners, the County has  identified cost-effective options for how to manage or remove debris.

Review the debris management and removal options.  A list of permitted haulers and material disposal sites can be found here.

Unless it changes the topography of the property, removal of mud and debris from a property does not require a grading permit.

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2.  Design 

You and your design professional or architect will need to create or rebuild a set of plans for your new home including all design, engineering, and required code upgrades.  How different your new proposed home is compared to the original structure will affect the speed of your permitting and review process.

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3.  Permitting and Review 

Case managers will work with the property owner(s) throughout the permitting process from application submittal to permit approval and issuance. To get in touch with your case manager, contact the Zoning Counter at (805) 568-2090.

Permit Process Step-By-Step Flowchart 

The permitting process will vary depending on changes to the design, size and footprint of the original structure . Read more information.

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4.  Building Process 

Once the Building permit application and plans are submitted, the Planning and Development’s Building and Safety Division will complete the first building plan check for single family dwellings within approximately two weeks.   Accessory structures will be reviewed within 30 days from the date of submittal.

Looking for a contractor?  Visit the Santa Barbara Contractors Association’s website for available contractors.

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