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Rebuilding Guidance

Initial Steps For Rebuilding

The County has outlined the initial steps for rebuilding in the Montecito 1/9 Debris Flow areas. Property owners are advised to meet with their case managers now, and to hold off making any significant expenditures on design plans so their decisions and permit applications can be informed by critical survey work, engineering and mapping work studies that will take a minimum of three months.

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The Board of Supervisors has approved a roadmap for rebuilding in Montecito’s 1/9 Debris Flow areas.

The County has assigned case managers to each impacted property, and property owners are advised to contact their case manager, by calling (805) 568-2090.

The debris flow created unique challenges in Montecito that the County is working aggressively to resolve.  The new Guidance to Property Owners details two significant efforts underway by FEMA and the County and provides guidance to property owners about how and when the worst hit areas will be able to begin rebuilding.

Because the debris flow dislodged many survey markers and other landmarks, making it impossible to identify many property lines without professional surveys, the County will work with outside surveyors to reestablish survey markers along public rights-of-way.

In addition, creek channels and land elevations have changed throughout the debris flow area, which means existing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood maps are no longer accurate.  County staff is working with FEMA on interim flood hazard/recovery mapping to assess where and how high water and debris is predicted to flow in the future.

The work highlighted above is expected to take a minimum of three months.  Until it is completed, the County is advising property owners to temporarily delay making any significant expenditures on design plans so their decisions and permit applications can be informed by this work.

The survey, engineering and mapping that the County is doing throughout the debris flow area will significantly reduce the costs that individual homeowners would incur if they were taking on these tasks on their own.

However, if property owners want to move ahead on their own, they can work with their case manager to find out what professional studies they would need.

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Radio Ready

During an emergency when the power is out and when critical and timely information must get out to the general public, the County Office of Emergency Management will utilize satellite equipment to regularly communicate with designated County radio stations that have generators and can continue to broadcast. Visit this link for a list of stations to check if you lose power and cannot access the Internet.

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