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Damaged Property

Returning Home

You will want to be aware of these issues and exercise caution.

Environmental Hazards

  • Trees, brush and rocks may be weakened or loosened, and may lose limbs or fall.
  • Rocks loosened by flood and debris may roll and crumble. If rocks have rolled down a slope, expect more to
  • There may be debris or damage on roads and driveways.
  • Animal remains may be present in the debris. Iffound, call Animal Services at (805) 681-4332.


  • Ifyour vehicle is missing please contact California Highway Patrol at (805) 477-4174 with your vehicle identification number or license plate

Damaged  Utilities

  • Call Before You Dig! The most important thing for you to do before performing any type of digging is to call 811 or request a ticket online through call8 l It could save your life.
  • Utility poles may be weakened by flood and debris flows.
  • Look for loose power lines, broken or damaged gas lines, foundation cracks, missing support beams or other Damage on the outside can indicate a serious problem inside.
  • Look to see if there is any visible damage to a gas meter, gas line or propane DO NOT attempt to repair or turn on these services. Call your local propane company or SoCalGas.
  • Look at the electric meter. Ifthere is visible damage, DO NOT ATTEMPT to turn the breaker on or
  • Ifthere are electrical wires on the ground, STAY CLEAR and contact Southern California Edison.
  • Do not use open flame as a source oflight since gas may be present; a battery-operated flashlight is ideal.

For the  most up-to-date resources available for the disposal of mud and storm debris from private properties, please download the Mud Debris Clean-Up Guidelines.  The flyer provides information on local permitted haulers, facilities that can accept the debris, and what to do if you encounter hazardous materials on your property.

Returning to a damaged or destroyed neighborhood can be traumatic, and you may feel overwhelmed by the many tasks ahead. Remember that self-care is the vital first step for you to remain healthy and resilient. The emotional and physical health of you and your family should be your first concern.


Returning home afer a fire or flood

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Be Radio Ready

Radio Ready

During an emergency when the power is out and when critical and timely information must get out to the general public, the County Office of Emergency Management will utilize satellite equipment to regularly communicate with designated County radio stations that have generators and can continue to broadcast. Visit this link for a list of stations to check if you lose power and cannot access the Internet.

Contact The County

105 E. Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: 211